Halal investing in US stocks

Build your wealth, without compromising your faith.

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Keeps bad stocks out.

An investing app with a built-in
Shariah screener
. Easy peasy.

Built in Shariah screening

Filters funds (seriously.)

Amal screens stocks inside each fund. It even tracks changes to the fund, and updates automagically ✨

Filter funds

Invest from (almost) anywhere.

Invest in purified US ETFs & Mutual Funds from the UK, Australia and from 100+ other countries.

Ask 'em. They tried it.

Cut. the. middleman.

Wondering why Shariah compliant funds are so expensive? Now you can filter funds yourself (and pay nothing).

Save on fund expenses

I'm so glad this exists. I've always wanted to invest in Vanguard and Blackrock funds like everyone else, but they're not halal. For the price, the Fund Purifier is an absolute steal!

— Ibrahim Mokdad
5th October, 2022

Flat pricing. No “management” fees

Simple: a free plan that's actually free, and a premium plan for just $100/year.

The Basic Plan


Just getting started with investing? This plan is for you.

  • 100% commission free

  • Halal screening for stocks

  • 40+ ESG filters

The Serious Plan


For serious investors. Get everything in free, plus:

  • Fund Purifier 🔥 Hot
    (Save thousands of $'s in fees!)
  • Early access to new features

  • Support us in building tools for Muslims 🙏

Limited Offer

The Serious Plan is discounted for a limited time only. Subscribe now to lock in the lifetime rate before it returns to $240/year.

Getting better by the day…



Setup your investing plan, and stick to it with auto-invest. Automatically invest in purified funds, on any schedule with any amount.

Black-list stocks

Black-list stocks

Whether you just don't like a company, or you work there and want to limit your exposure. We’ll keep blacklisted stocks out of your stock and fund holdings.

Smart Rebalancing: Buy low, sell high

Smart Rebalancing: Buy low, sell high

Intelligent trade lot matching allocates new money to underweight stocks, and withdraws funds from overweight ones.


The perfect time to invest?

The US stock market is currently down 17.53% from the all time high in January.

Every time this has happened in the past (since the stock market started in 1792), the market has recovered and resulted in a positive overall return in the following decade.

Zoom out of the chart to see for yourself:

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Still unsure?

You want to start investing, but just don’t know how?

We were there too, we get it. Investing as a complete beginner can feel intimidating. Which is why we’re launching “Learn” just for you! 👇