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Transition to open-source

Transition to open-source

I'll cut to the chase — big changes are coming to Amal Invest. You’ve been with us on this journey, and it’s only right you hear this straight from the source.

Amal Invest, as you know it, is winding down. We’ve hit that pivotal moment many startups face: pivot or persevere. We’re choosing to pivot. But we’re not just shutting down; we’re flipping the script.

We’re open-sourcing the entire Fund Purifier code. It’s yours, the community’s, anyone’s who wants to tinker with it. And because we respect the trust you’ve placed in us, we’re also keeping the lights on for the hosted service you currently use. This buys you time to decide your next move without any nasty surprises. What this boils down to:

  • Open Source Code: It’s in your hands now. Customize it, break it, rebuild it—make it what you need.
  • Community Driven: Got ideas? Now you can add them. The project’s future is community-led, and your voice has weight.
  • Our Hosted Service stays on while we’ve got the runway. No rug-pulls here.

⭐️ Access Fund Purifier code on Github ⭐️

This isn’t the post I wanted to write, but it’s the honest one. Startups are unpredictable. We’re proud of what we built, even if it’s time to move on.

Here are answers to some questions I anticipate you’ll have:

What happens to my subscription? As of today, the Fund Purifier is going to be 100% FREE and available to all users. You’ll have full access to it, including the ability to filter any fund. If you subscribed to the yearly plan anytime in the last 30 days, email me. I'm happy to refund you in full.

Will my current service be interrupted? The latest web version of Amal Invest will continue to be available at ​https://app.fundpurifier.com​. If you previously accessed Amal Invest through the mobile app, you’ll no longer be able to. Instead, you can access your account through the new website.

Will I still be able to see my prior investments? Can I invest in new funds? Your previous investments will appear in the new app as “Migrated Positions.” These will be static positions though, and won’t track any funds. We suggest selling these positions and using the proceeds to invest in any new filtered funds you are interested in.

What happens to my data and privacy with the code going open-source? Your data security and privacy remain paramount. Open sourcing the code does not include your data or any sensitive information. The open-source code will be the tool’s framework without any user data.

How long will the service remain available? We’ll continue to keep the hosted service running at least until the data contracts we maintain expire in ~9 months, and possibly beyond that.

Reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Thanks for riding along,

Yazin, Founder @ Amal Invest